Shaping the future: Read the latest Research Update

DLH is excited to share the Fall-Winter 2023 edition of the Research Update, a semiannual look at select research activities from across the company’s Public Health & Scientific Research (PHSR) operating unit.

Alongside DLH’s partners in government and academia, our team has accomplished so much in recent years. From groundbreaking discoveries to critical interventions, each successful undertaking is a testament to our staff’s collective expertise and commitment to improving health outcomes for all. Our team’s work is instrumental in addressing the most crucial of health challenges and safeguarding the well-being of communities both near and far. We are taking the needed and innovative steps toward a healthier and more resilient world.

DLH researchers shape the future of public health by creating lasting positive change. Whether in the field, the office, or the lab, their collaboration and innovation are the driving forces behind our success and every milestone we have achieved. We pursue advancements in the treatment of mental health and aim to address health inequities in those with HIV. We look to identify risk factors for Parkinson’s disease and conduct clinical research on diabetes. Our staff’s contributions are invaluable.

Read the Fall-Winter 2023 PHSR Research Update.

As DLH continues to navigate through the complexities of public health and scientific research, we are grateful for each and every one of the individuals on our team and their unwavering passion and dedication to our mission.

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