We don’t just say we do DevSecOps, we help clients bring Dev and Ops together by implementing cultural change, integrating and left-shifting security, and operationalizing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Organizations developing and delivering new applications and services using DevOps have the same responsibility to develop a scalable architecture and produce secure and compliant code, as required by any other product or application. At DLH, we work with our clients on adapting information security to development processes and tools, not the other way around. We develop applications and services for our clients by integrating security into DevOps to deliver DevSecOps by adhering to the collaborative and agile nature of DevOps. We seamlessly integrate security and compliance testing, supported by appropriate documentation, and engage with professionals across many areas of our client organizations on security and privacy to obtain an Authority to Operate (ATO) for an information technology system. We introduce new tools and approaches into the product development lifecycle, through automation, to manage our client’s risk exposure.

Areas of Expertise

  • Continuous Security Integration

    Integrate security into development iterations by adding security standards to the continuous integration process

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

    Frequently deliver features by introducing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the application lifecycle

  • Containerization/Container Management

    Transform applications into collections of smaller services or components that are portable, scalable, efficient, and easier to manage

  • Release Orchestration

    Coordinate release approvals, manage pipelines and environments, and automate deployment activities across multiple teams and shared infrastructures to improve the quality, velocity, and governance of application releases

  • Enterprise Operations (EOps)

    Manage complexity, cost, risk, performance, service, and support of multi-technology computing platforms and architectures