DLH experts work closely with customers to provide analytically-driven approaches for program evaluation.

Using proven strategic planning and road-mapping processes, our testing and evaluation services are designed to sharpen the clarity of the customer’s vision and foster better-informed decision-making. We conduct onsite and remote reviews and track monitoring activities, collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. That data is analyzed to form the basis of a recommended course of action for improving program performance and compliance with regulation and other legislative mandates. Data collection tools are developed and calibrated to ensure consistency and integrity and are able to reveal risk and mitigation.

Our performance areas

Monitoring and Compliance

To DLH, monitoring and compliance are key tools in driving program performance. The use of an independent agent in monitoring and compliance provides an objective way to detect early warning signs of potential risk, ensuring program integrity and accountability. Our experts have undertaken thorough independent reviews across various Federal programs designed to address social, health, and environmental challenges. Well-executed monitoring and compliance verifies quality implementation, stimulates program improvement, and safeguards funding — enabling all of our partners to continue serving those who benefit from their vital missions.

Training and Technical Assistance

DLH provides top-rated training and technical assistance to civilian and military agencies throughout the Federal government. Our training programs utilize a wide range of delivery methods to respond to diverse customer needs, including hands-on, in-person instruction, virtual and e-Learning across multiple platforms. By fully integrating multi-modal training and technical assistance systems into our customers’ programs, we’re able to greatly improve mission results and efficiency. With broad training experience that ranges from military health services to public health disease prevention initiatives, DLH thrives in scenarios where our subject matter experts provide specific audiences with services requiring unique training.

Capacity Building

DLH is a proven leader in providing capacity building assistance to support our customer’s challenges, experiences and capabilities to promote program awareness and implement change. Through a team of subject matter experts and consultants, we develop strategies that are assessment-driven and customer-specific aimed at capacity building planning and strategy. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits all approach, we tailor unique capacity building strategies that include, but are not limited to training, technical assistance, coaching and resource materials. DLH brings experience in delivering these services through a variety of methods and communication strategies, such as live training, web-based, virtual and e-Learning platforms. We create and deliver social marketing services focused on meeting the program objectives of our customers. Our services further include development and dissemination of print and digital material, as well as designing and managing full-scale websites that meet Federal requirements, such as, FISMA and Section 508 compliance. Our training and technical assistance services are designed to deliver capacity building activities that support program implementation of new ap­proaches that facilitate program im­provements, specialized health programs delivered using best practices that improve com­munity capacity, and collaborative approaches that coordi­nate across multi-systems and agencies.