DLH is on a continuous journey learning, inviting, and reimagining the way we relate with our workforce. We strive to empower our employees’ authentic expression and safety through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives. In partnership with Global Diversity Collaborative, DLH assesses our current state, learns deeply, and implements new opportunities for our workforce.

Current DLH Initiatives

  • DEIB Council

    The DEIB Council is made up of individuals from across the enterprise to collaborate on important DEIB initiatives in partnership with our workforce and leadership

  • Community Networks (CN)

    CNs are dedicated spaces for DLH employees to gather and connect over shared identities and expression to form community.

  • Employee Perspective Focus Groups (EPFG)

    EPFGs are randomized focus groups from across the enterprise to listen and learn to the employee experience.