Research Update demonstrates breadth of expertise among DLH researchers

Thank you for your interest in the Fall-Winter 2021 edition of the DLH Research Update, a semi-annual look at select research activities from across our company’s Public Health & Scientific Research operating unit. I am continually impressed by the curiosity and depth of expertise that our researchers display. In the pages that follow, you will see numerous examples of the passion that members of the DLH team bring to their scientific missions.

In delving into the research on display this edition, I was struck by the breadth of the populations touched by our team’s work. Our research spans the young and the elderly, crosses race and gender barriers, and encompasses broad swaths of the socioeconomic spectrum. Through our expansive network of clinical research partners across the globe, we cross borders and continents. From investigational therapeutic discoveries, to infectious disease, exposure effects, and more, the work DLH researchers carry out truly does affect the lives of millions. Taking a moment to reflect on that is inspiring. I am proud as always to be a member of the DLH team.

Read the Fall – Winter 2021 Research Update.

My tremendous thanks and gratitude to the authors listed herein, and to the hundreds of other members of our world-class workforce and partner organizations who helped make this vital research a reality.

Jeanine Christian


Public Health & Scientific Research

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