DLH supports non-profit working on behalf of Veterans awaiting transplants

DLH is proud to support DOVE – Donor Outreach for Veterans (DOVE). DOVE seeks to improve access to living kidney transplantation for Veterans by facilitating individual and community donor outreach campaigns and providing education, advocacy and support to all donors.

Tara and Reggie are members of one DLH-sponsored team. Tara contacted DOVE after seeing a national media story on the organization in 2021. She lives and works in Alabama, and although she is not a Veteran herself, many members of her family have served in the military. She loved the concept of DOVE and its community directed donations.

“I met [her recipient] Reggie the night before surgery and I knew this was all meant to be,” she said later.

Reggie served over 21 years in the Army and upon discharge spent his career at the Department of Defense. “My future is so much brighter since Dove helped me get a second chance of life,” says Reggie. Post-transplant, it wasn’t too long before Reggie was back on his feet, sharing meals without dietary restrictions with his grateful family.

Monetary support to DOVE helps cover non-medical costs for kidney living donors, including logistics planning, travel, and pre-donation care packages, as well as a yearly “kidneyversary” gift to acknowledge each donor’s service and selflessness.

Team DLH is proud to support the tremendous work that DOVE carries out. For more information, please visit the organization’s website.

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