Newest edition of DLH research update illustrates breadth of expertise and depth of knowledge

The Fall 2021 edition of the DLH Research Update, a semi-annual look at select research activities from across our Public Health & Scientific Research operating unit is now available. This collection of work illustrates the breadth of expertise and depth of knowledge that our researchers demonstrate in their work. The research highlighted in this report illustrates a steadfast commitment to improving public health.

As we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, we are reflecting on our company’s longstanding support for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ ‘Sister Study’ – a 50,000 participant longitudinal cohort examining the causes of breast cancer. Nearly 20 years into its existence, the Sister Study continues to track the health of women in the cohort, and the research that emerges – some of which is featured in the pages that follow – brings us closer to answers.

Our entire team views it as a privilege to be involved in work that touches so many of us personally. The research included in this document branches beyond breast cancer, to numerous other forms of cancer, bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis, obesity, mental health, and so much more. When confronted with the most challenging public health questions of our time, our researchers collaborate with partners to build towards answers.

Read the Fall 2021 Research Update.

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