March is National Social Work Month

March is National Social Worker Month, and it’s a great time to celebrate the professionals who have dedicated their lives to serving others.   The theme for Social Work Month 2022 is The Time is Right for Social Work.  This theme celebrates the many positive contributions social workers have made to our society for over a century.  Each day social workers touch millions of lives, and the need for their services is increasing.

During Social Work Month, take some time to learn more about the profession of social work.  There are many different types of social workers, and they do amazing things in their communities.  Some social workers work with children, some with seniors, and there are social workers who work with immigrants and refugees.  Some social workers focus on mental health, and there are those who focus on substance abuse.  No matter their focus, all social workers are dedicated to helping people in need.

The history of social work in America is one filled with activism.  From the Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation movements, to founding our nation’s first mental health program for children, these first responders – social workers –  have always been on a mission to make life better for those around them!

If you’re interested in becoming a social worker, now is a great time.  The profession is growing, and there are many opportunities for social workers in all types of settings.  The life-affirming services that social workers provide are needed more than ever, and social workers are making a real difference in communities worldwide.

Thank you, social workers, for all that you do!  We appreciate your dedication to helping others, and we salute you for your hard work and commitment to making our world a better place.  Happy National Social Worker Month!

Contributing Author:

Jeff Lukich is the Child Welfare Strategy and Practice Lead at DLH Corporation. Previously, he served nearly 30 years with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. Jeff retired as the Division’s Chief of Staff in 2018.


National Association of Social Workers

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