Impacting People Everywhere, Every Day: Read the Latest Research Update

DLH is proud to share the Spring – Summer 2023 edition of the Research Update, a semi-annual look at select research activities from across our company’s Public Health & Scientific Research operating center.

As you read through this update, you will see the breadth of the everyday issues our researchers and analysts dedicate their careers to solving. You will get a glimpse into the vital real-world impact of our work, from housing policy, to opioid usage, food insecurity, breast cancer risk, and beyond, DLH researchers work each day to glean insight into some of the health problems communities across the globe find most troubling.

Some research topics are long-standing and enduring – racial health disparities, HIV treatment, hazardous waste, and more – while others have emerged more recently. Read on to learn how investigators are examining the ways the scientific community can integrate Machine Learning into complex survey analysis – and the ramifications of such advanced technology for our industry.

Read the Spring – Summer 2023 PHSR Research Update.

Our team remains steadfastly committed to improving lives in the communities in which we live and work. Their expertise, sophistication, and ingenuity is made apparent throughout this update.

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