DLH Launches Corporate Charitable Giving Platform to Support the Fight for Racial Justice

DLH has launched an employee charitable gift matching program in partnership with Bright Funds, a technology platform that facilitates workplace giving and volunteerism. Beginning on October 22, 2020, DLH will match employee charitable contributions to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Equal Justice Initiative.

DLH has made it a focus to shine a light on the inequalities in our nation and matters of social justice in the workplace. In an open letter following the tragic killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, DLH President and CEO Zach Parker said that “it was time to talk openly about these challenges, and to work together to drive real change.” 

In recent months, Zach has held “CEO Listening Sessions” with DLH team members to hear more from our employees on issues of social justice in the workplace. The conversations have been heartfelt and enlightening, and a recurring theme from employees was that conversations are just a start. Driving positive change requires action. This is one of the first steps in that process.

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