DLH provides case management services to ensure transitioning Service Members and Veterans have access to high-quality health care that is coordinated and delivered by well-trained and responsive professionals.

We strengthen, streamline, and fully integrate care coordination services, improving health outcomes while more effectively utilizing our customer’s resources. Our case managers remove barriers to care, and link patients with services and resources across systems, regardless of specialty.

These processes are continually monitored for quality. By utilizing performance metrics and data analysis, we assess whether procedures and tools are producing the best outcomes possible. Innovative medication adherence solutions ensure patient accountability, while our renowned health IT systems track patient data in a secure and confidential manner. This provides health care providers and administrators with the flexibility they need to interpret results and react quickly. Bolstered by our expertise in capacity building, DLH case management specialists participate in continuous professional development and training exercises, with a special focus on patient safety and mental health wellness.

Medication Adherence Solutions

Our innovative medication adherence solutions ensure patient accountability and lead to better health outcomes. DLH experts work directly with patients to ensure drugs are being taken as prescribed, and that care teams are fully aware of all medications that a patient is taking. Through these efforts, patients are less likely to skip doses, split pills, or otherwise misuse their prescription drugs — resulting in better treatment.