Brain Injury Awareness Month: Improving Lives by Translating Evidence into Practice

March is national Brain Injury Awareness Month. Research into traumatic brain injury (TBI) has accelerated in recent decades. With more than 5.3 million people in the United States living with a permanent brain-injury related disability, the work is vital. 

As a leader in the Federal health market, DLH maintains a steady pace of Learning, Collaborating, Doing, and Sharing in the study of traumatic brain injury. We translate evidence into practice, leveraging our company’s capabilities in clinical research, patient care, training, education, and technological innovation to drive meaningful improvement in patient outcomes. With valuable partnerships and long-standing relationships in government, academia, industry, and nonprofits, we are fostering the collaboration necessary to improve the lives of those suffering from TBI and increase the understanding of brain injury.

Over the next month, we’ll tell the stories of the unsung heroes, changemakers, innovators, educators, and activists working to create and strengthen a system of services and supports that will maximize the independence and well-being of people with traumatic brain injuries, their family members, and their support networks. For too many of those suffering, the obstacles to receiving treatment remain. It’s on all of us to ensure all those with brain injuries have access to the resources they need to live fulfilling lives.

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