GRSi Awarded Contract to Provide Poly-Cloud Engineering and Support for NIH’s Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) Program

GRSi, a provider of state-of-the-art innovations and solutions across the Civilian, National Security, and Intel communities, has been awarded a 2-year contract to support NIH’s Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) program through the Center for Information Technology (CIT). STRIDES provides all 27 NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) as well as tens of thousands of their Extramural research partners with leading-edge Cloud platforms and capabilities as-a-Service. STRIDES currently provides key Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services that are integral to mission-critical, NIH-wide initiatives. Programs such as Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) and BioData Catalyst heavily utilize these platforms to enable multi-petabyte-scale high-performance Cloud computing and big data analytics for genomic research across the world.

Under this program, GRSi will drive the strategic alignment of STRIDES capability offerings with trans-NIH mission and business needs through shared poly-Cloud architecture, governance, engineering, cybersecurity, and operational support services. This includes integrating Microsoft Azure as a centrally managed STRIDES platform for all NIH ICs and research partners, as well as evaluating and implementing additional specialized Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for niche mission needs. GRSi will also be applying best practices and solutions that our teams have delivered across ICs toward STRIDES with a focus on broader mission alignment. This GRSi differentiator further enables NIH and CIT to provide robust and tailored Cloud services to all ICs and programs, enabling researchers to leverage the power of next-generation technologies while benefiting from reduced implementation costs, risks, and complexity.

“This award serves as a testament to the incredible work GRSi’s teams have performed in support of the overarching NIH mission and its research community. We see this as a pivotal evolution and expansion of GRSi’s Cloud service delivery for NIH, building on our successes supporting initiatives like BioData Catalyst and their integration with STRIDES to increase their impact at a global scale. GRSi’s support of STRIDES also comes at the perfect time for NIH, as our team will now be applying our expertise in aligning IC needs with STRIDES to enhance, optimize, and offer best-fit Cloud capabilities across all NIH ICs and programs.” – Diane Yarnell, Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff.