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DLH Wins 5-year Programmatic and Compliance Monitoring Support Contract With the Department of Homeland Security


DLH is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to provide programmatic and compliance monitoring support to the Juvenile & Family Residential Management Unit (JFRMU) under the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency. DLH Mission Services and Solutions has supported this agency since May 2015 and will continue to provide program management, facility compliance inspections, training, data/trend analyses, and subject matter expertise in the areas of child development, medical/mental health, and education. DLH is honored to continue to support JFRMU in managing the policies and operations related to the needs of unaccompanied children and family groups in custody.

“We are proud to continue to support JFRMU,” said Helene Fisher, President, DLH Mission Services & Solutions. “DLH looks forward to building on our solid track record, expertise, and process excellence, which enabled us to continue this work.”