Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) CMOP Program Cited for Excellence by VA Secretary


Atlanta, Georgia (October 6, 2016)—DLH Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: DLHC), a leading provider of innovative healthcare services and solutions to Federal agencies, currently provides professional pharmacy and logistics staff in support of the VA’s Consolidated Mail Order Pharmacy (CMOP) program.

During a recent VA committee hearing titled “The Future of the VA,” the Department’s Secretary Robert A. McDonald recognized the VA’s CMOP program for service excellence. During his testimony, he gave acclaim to CMOP for cost advantage and fantastic customer service to our veterans, stating, “What we can do, what we’ve seen from our Consolidated Mail Order Pharmacy, where we do have a consolidated supply chain, is our cost advantage is tremendous because of the scale that we have and also our customer service is fantastic. We’ve been rated number one pharmacy in the country for 6 consecutive years by JD Power because of that scale advantage. So what we’re in the process of doing is building a consolidated supply chain for all of our medical centers. So far, we’ve avoided about $35 million of cost. Our commitment to you was to avoid $75 million in costs by December—I think we will beat that.”

DLH has been supporting the Veterans Health Administration, America’s largest integrated healthcare system with more than 1,700 medical centers, for more than 15 years through several competitively awarded Government contracts. We are extremely proud to be a part of such meaningful work in support of our nation’s warfighters and veterans.