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Alternative Routes to DLH Corporation Atlanta Headquarters after I-85 Fire

Alternative Routes to DLH Corporation Atlanta Headquarters after I-85 Fire

Atlanta, Georgia (April 1, 2017)—On Thursday, March 30, 2017, an elevated section of northbound Interstate 85 (I-85), a major north-south artery for Southeast Atlanta, collapsed after a massive fire. Due to the severity of the highway collapse, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency for Fulton County.

Unfortunately, the fire occurred near Piedmont Road, which is near the main access road to our Corporate Headquarters. We still will be open for business during normal hours. However, access to the office may be difficult. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and other State and local transit agencies are working to identify all possible options for commuters. Please see the alternative routes that GDOT has released for highway travel. You also can contact us directly at 770–554–3545 with any questions or concerns regarding office access.

I-85 Roadway Alternate Routes and Closures

I-85 is closed from I-75/Brookwood split to the North Druid Hills exit. Please avoid this area.

The following are the alternate routes GDOT is implementing:

  • Motorists traveling northbound on I-85 from the south side of Atlanta will be diverted to northbound I-75 at Brookwood near 17th Street.
  • Motorists traveling southbound on I-85 north of Atlanta will be diverted northbound on SR400.
  • Motorists traveling southbound on SR400 from north of Atlanta will be diverted at Sidney Marcus exit.
  • Motorists are encouraged to utilize their favorite wayfinding app to help navigate to their destinations.