About DLH

DLH has a number of contracts and vehicles—convenient and easy-to-use channels for obtaining a wide variety of management and technology services. DLH can draw on experts across the company to make these services available quickly and with minimum paperwork under Time and Material, Firm Fixed Price, or Cost Option contracts.

We manage a diverse portfolio of Government contract vehicles to provide our clients with convenient access to the full range of our management and technology services. Check out our GSA Services Schedule to learn more.

AIMS (Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions)
DLH designs and implements breakthrough solutions through the creative use of new media communications, information technology, and evidence- and audience-based research. DLH’s products and services capture the power of the electronic revolution, leveraging new technologies to engage, educate, and unite individuals, organizations, and governmental entities, particularly in the health arena. At the heart of DLH’s expertise is technology transfer: the ability to translate an understanding of research and best practices into sound, relevant, targeted, and timely products, messages, and services. DLH has a strong record of developing effective and creative health promotion materials and informational Web sites, as well as providing healthcare professional trainings, grassroots outreach, graphic design, media buying, media management, and meeting and conference planning. In addition, DLH has substantial expertise in database development, state-of-the-art multimedia applications, information tracking and reporting, and evaluation and assessment. DLH offers federal agencies a complete solution that integrates all services found under the AIMS Schedule. Services offered include the creation of comprehensive solutions using strategically targeted marketing plans that include full-service execution of complete advertising and integrated marketing campaigns.

MOBIS (Mission-Oriented Business Integrated Services)
Under our MOBIS contract, DLH provides consulting, facilitation, survey, and program integration and project management services. DLH provides expert advice, assistance, guidance, and counseling in support of federal agencies’ management, organizational, and business improvement efforts. DLH provides expert advice, assistance, guidance, and counseling in support of federal agencies’ management, organizational, and business improvement efforts. DLH provides expert consultation, assistance, and deliverables associated with all aspects of surveying within the context of MOBIS. DLH possesses the expertise and leadership to manage and integrate various management and business improvement programs and projects for federal agencies. The MOBIS Schedule is designed to provide government agencies with a streamlined procurement device to access management services for the implementation of quality management and other related system change processes within their agencies.

AIMS and MOBIS (now called Professional Services Schedule)
1. Contract: GS-00F-062CA
2. Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 541-4B/541-4BRC: Video/Film Production
  • 541-5/541-5RC: Integrated Marketing Services
  • 541-1000/541-1000RC: Other Direct Costs
  • 874-1/874-1RC: Integrated Consulting Services
  • 874-7/874-7RC: Integrated Business Program Support Services

LOGWORLD (Logistics Worldwide Services)
DLH provides the following under this contract vehicle:

  • Supply and Value Chain Management—services that include all phases of planning, acquisition and management of logistics systems. These services include, but are not limited to planning, acquisition, design, development, testing, production, fielding, management, operation, maintenance, sustainment, improvement, modification and disposal.
  • Distribution and Transportation Logistics—planning and designing, implementing, or operating systems or facilities for the movement of supplies, equipment, or people.
  • Operations and Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services—planning, designing, managing, operating, and maintaining reliable and efficient systems, equipment, facilities, and logistics infrastructures to improve equipment and logistics performance, and reduce life cycle costs.

1. Contract: GS-10F-0092N
2. Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 874-501/874-501RC Supply and Value Chain Management Services
  • 874-503/874-503RC Distribution and Transportation Logistics
  • 874-504/874-504RC Deployment Logistics Services
  • 874-507/874-507RC Operations and Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services
  • 874-7/874-7RC Integrated Business Program Support Services

Download labor category descriptions and rates (external PDF)

Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing Services
The Federal Supply Schedule for Professional Healthcare and staffing awards contracts to staff medical positions such as: physicians, dental related services, EMT paramedics, audiologists, licensed practical or vocational nurse, perfusionist, occupational therapy, cytotechnologist, kinesio therapist, clinical laboratory science services, certified pharmacy technician and dietician/nutritionists.
Other professionals that might secure contracts under this schedule include certified/licensed midwife, physicist, electro-neurodiagnostic technologist, chiropractor, genetic counselor, ophthalmic services, respiratory therapist, certified nurse anesthetist, radiologic technologist and surgical technologist.

1. Contract: V797P-2219D
2. Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 621 I
3. Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 621-025 Registered Nurses (includes general and specialized)
  • 621-027 Pharmacist (Includes PharmD)
  • 621-030 Physician Assistants
  • 621-038 Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (includes specialty-oriented, clinical, medical/surgical)
  • 621-039 Medical Assistant (Certified /Registered) Medical Record Clerk Medical, Record Technician, Medical Transcriptionist
  • 621-040 Nurse Assistant (Certified /Registered)
  • 621-046 Clinical Laboratory Science / Medical Technology (Includes: Clinical Laboratory Scientist; Medical Technologist; Certified Laboratory Technician; Medical Laboratory Technician; Histologic Technician; Histotechnologist; Pathologists’ Assistant; and Certified Phlebotomy Technician)
  • 621-051 Certified Pharmacy Technician (includes unit dose, no IV, and in-patient with IV)
  • 621-054 Nurse Practitioner

Download labor category descriptions and rates (external PDF)

IT Schedule 70 (Information Technology Professional Services)
DLH, under its subsidiary Danya International LLC, supports worldwide government agencies and commercial clients in providing comprehensive services involving systems and software engineering and development, training, management, maintenance, and sustaining engineering. DLH’s solution consultants and application developers work together to create solutions that provide a single, integrated, personalized point of access to information, applications, productivity tools, and expert content. Solutions are created to assist our clients in rapidly finding and sharing information among multiple integrated applications so they can work more effectively and make better decisions. When clients need IT program management, DLH provides a full range of services in analysis and planning; application design, implementation, and management; administrative and collaborative systems; data management and reporting; and information and knowledge management.

1. Contract: GS-35F-0260T
2. General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • 132-51 / 132-51STLOC / 132-51RC: Information Technology Professional Services
  • 132-56 / 132-56STLOC / 132-56RC: Health Information Technology Services

Download labor category descriptions and rates (external PDF)

GSA Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule 871

More information will be available shortly.

Navy Sea Port-e®
SeaPort-e® is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including engineering, financial management, and program management. The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, the United States Marine Corps, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) compete their service requirements amongst 1800+ SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract holders.

The SeaPort-e® portal provides a standardized, efficient means of soliciting offers from amongst the diverse population of large and small businesses and their approved team members. All task orders are competitively solicited, awarded and managed using the SeaPort-e® platform. Since nearly 85 percent of its contract–holders are small businesses, the SeaPort-e® approach to acquiring services provides opportunity that fuels the Nation’s engine of job growth.

Program Support Center (PSC)
DLH, under subsidiary Danya International LLC, is a prime contractor under the PSC IDIQ. Just as the PSC offers the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services an efficient, reliable mechanism for obtaining excellent contract support, DLH provides rapid-response, well-coordinated contract team deployment, as well as problem-preventing, cost-controlled project oversight for PSC clients. For PSC customers and client agencies, DLH and its partners will provide: policy assessments/analysis; program assessments; evaluation design efforts, evaluations, and data collection; performance measurement; technical assistance/expertise; data analysis; and auxiliary support services, including translation and interpretation, website support, and production and distribution of publications through this mechanism

DHA Omnibus IV Military Medical Research and Development IDIQ

DLH, under subsidiary Irving Burton Associates, LLC, is a prime contractor under the Defense Health Agencies OMNIBUS IV Multiple-Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) for Market Segment(s) 1 and 2:

  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • R&D Support Services.

The OMNIBUS IV contracting vehicle is a continuation of the predecessor contracts and designed to enhance the related medical research and development programs of the Department of Defense (DoD). An added value of OMNIBUS IV is research and development migrating into medical practice via translation science support and services. Program areas for OMNIBUS IV include, but are not limited to, medical simulation technologies, infectious diseases, military health, performance, and recovery, joint battlefield healthcare, radiation health effects, clinical & rehabilitative medicine, chemical and biological readiness, clinical investigations, graduate health science education, and military health system research, genomics and omics-based, and emerging science and technology.

Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA) Office of Discovery, Education, and Affiliate Networks (DEAN) Accelerating VA Innovation and Learning (AVAIL) IDIQ

DLH, under subsidiary Irving Burton Associates, LLC, is a prime contractor under Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA), Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) for the Accelerating VA Innovation and Learning (AVAIL) multi-year IDIQ. This contract serves as an opportunity to further VA’s long-standing tradition as a pioneer in medical innovation by designing, building and testing novel platforms, services and care models that could be scaled into clinical production in support of the VHA through five major innovation task categories:

  • Personalized care
  • Data transformation
  • Digital health
  • Immersive technology in extended reality solutions
  • Care and service delivery models

NCI Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG) Field and Biospecimen Support Services IDIQ

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Information Technology (IT) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

CMS Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC)

Army Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – 3 Services (ITES-3S) IDIQ

NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3)

Customer Reference
Info Concerning Customer Satisfaction
Point of Contact:
Michael Tucker
Sr. Manager of Contracts

Depth and Breadth of Experience
DLH Holdings Corporation is a Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant publicly traded company providing professional services to the Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Defense. DLH specializes in providing engineering, logistics, facilities support, maintenance, medical, field technicians, information systems, office administration, and project and program management operations.

(Sea Port-e® Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)
DLH was recognized as a top 250 GSA Vendor by Federal Times. Additionally, DLH has ranked among the Top 10 GSA Logistics Worldwide Schedule holders for the past 5 years. DLH currently has 1,400 employees and is capable of operations in all 50 States and territories. With more than 700 task orders (TO), in more than 60 Federal facilities at nearly 100-percent fill rates for 6,000 personnel assignment, throughout the past 12 years, DLH is recognized by our customers as a superior leader in all services provided. Customers include U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S.Army, VA, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Homeland Security-FEMA, as well as commercial clients such as AT&T. DLH was awarded a citation by the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA for rapid recruitment and staffing of more than 60 field engineers, quality assurance, medical, and IT personnel in a 72-hour response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

  • Engineering Support
  • System Design Documentation/Technical Data
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Support
  • Inactivation/Disposal Support
  • Supply Support
  • Supply and Provisioning
  • Program Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Public Affairs

As demonstrated with the depth of experience (Past Performance and Personnel) that DLH and its Seaport-e® small business partners coupled with the breadth of range of regional coverage DLH will become a strong provider of services to the Navy and Marine Corps Team. DLH personnel are experts in their fields and have provided services to all Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, Strategic systems Program, the United States Marine Corp, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) as former Active Duty, Civil Service, and as current contractor support professionals.

Points of Contact
Kevin Wilson
President of Health and Logistics Services

Michael Tucker
Sr. Manager of Contracts

Quality Assurance Program
The DLH Quality Assurance (QA) Manager resides within the corporate staff and reports directly to the Corporate President. Our established quality management program follows the guidance set through standard policies and procedures. Additionally, Quality Operational Reviews (QOR) are briefed to the Director of Operations, Company President, Chief Executive Officer with measures represented for analysis and scored to ensure superior service.

DLH offers a comprehensive and effective Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) that ensures the highest levels of performance are maintained at all times and throughout all processes and procedures. These quality concepts and operational processes are designed to create an environment of constant focus on meeting and exceeding established standards, customer service excellence, and continuous process improvement. In the event that any specific customer presents unique requirements that aren’t adequately addressed, this plan is easily tailorable and adaptive to unique requirements.

DLH is fully committed to the philosophy that Quality Control (QC) is not simply a stand-alone process that is performed only at designated times but is a comprehensive set of activities that is seamlessly integrated into the job responsibilities of each and every employee, performed each and every day. Our approach to QC is clearly defined by our processes and procedures (i.e., what we are required to do), quantifiably defined performance standards (i.e., how well we are required to do it), oversight (i.e., assessment methods), and corrective actions (i.e., actions required to correct defects and prevent defect recurrence).

A Deficiency Reporting and Corrective Action process is established, executed and maintained to provide a closed-loop deficiency reporting mechanism; analysis procedures for determining deficiency causes and trends; and requirements for documenting the deficiency, analysis, and corrective action.

Our approach to continuous quality improvement begins with leadership. With this in mind, DLH has assigns a Senior Operations Manager (OM) to each contract to ensure oversight of deliverables and expectations are met. The OM has a clearly defined set of established policies and procedures, both corporate and local, to assist in providing an effective Quality Control Program.

Six Sigma Processes: This entails consistent adherence to a defined Six Sigma Process deemed most appropriate for the operational environment and nature of work to be performed. For the CMOP production requirements, DLH has adopted the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) model described in further detail below. All DLH Managers are certified in Six Sigma.

DLH corporate policy states that commitment to quality control and quality improvement is not a function relegated solely to a single isolated entity but is the responsibility of every employee. This is reflected in our rigorous definition of clear and comprehensive policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), our investment in staff training and continuing education, our dedicated oversight and supervision of employee job performance, and our continuous evaluation of production performance measured against clearly defined performance standards.

Our Quality Control objectives are to eliminate performance deficiencies through a systematic approach of quality identification, analysis, and control to provide consistent and measurable performance results.

DLH Sea Port-e® Team Members
AdvantEdge Technology
DUNS 141934278

DEL REY Systems & Technology, Inc.
DUNS 073810645

DUNS 073148772

JSL Technologies, Inc.
DUNS 827831764

Serrato Corporation
DUNS 118926448