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Bringing robust, best-in-class healthcare logistics, supply chain management solutions, and digital innovation together to improve organizational efficiencies of civilian and military U.S. Federal customers.


About HealthRev

HealthRev is an innovative mentor-protégé joint venture between DLH Holdings Corp. and eRev Supply Chain that combines supply chain management, scientific research and development systems engineering and integration, and digital transformation to support civilian and military U.S. Federal government agencies in their complex missions.

eRev Supply Chain has over 30 years of experience in supply chain management and working with federal, military, and corporate entities. As a supply chain visionary and an expert in business process management, CEO Aretha Battle has helped companies develop sound supply chain management strategies and solutions to increase efficiency, build strong supplier partnerships, and achieve a competitive advantage.

DLH delivers improved health and readiness solutions for federal programs through science research and development, systems engineering and integration, and digital transformation. The Company’s experts in public health, performance evaluation, and health operations solve the complex problems faced by civilian and military customers alike, leveraging digital transformation, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, cloud-based applications, telehealth systems, and more. DLH brings a unique combination of government sector experience, proven methodology, and unwavering commitment to innovation to improve the lives of millions.

Areas of Expertise

Medical Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Enhancing readiness in procurement, supply chain, materials, inventory, logistics, transportation & project management

Scientific Research and Development

Providing high-quality scientific insight through full-service research support & analytically informed solutions

Systems Engineering and Integration

Constructing top-of-the-line modern systems that provide customers with the tools needed to achieve their goals

Digital Transformation and Cyber Security

Implementing innovative communication & housing customer data in a state-of-the-art, fully cloud-delivered service

Partner With Us

Together, we can tackle our nation’s most complex challenges. Click the button below to reach out to a HealthRev representative immediately.

HealthRev is an innovative partnership between eRev Supply Chain and DLH Holdings Corp. that combines digital transformation, cyber security, scientific research and development, systems engineering, supply chain management, and more for civilian and military U.S. Federal government agencies.


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