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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Productivity Optimization Techniques (SPOT-m)

Customer's in all stages of the supply chain deserve and expect "Optimization" to achieve the highest rates of productivity and quality at the lowest cost. Whether in an asset-based or management-based 3PL environment the effective integration of "People, Processes, and Tools" is essential to achieving the competitve advantage while maximizing customer satisfaction. DLH Solutions' proven proprietary SPOT-m3 methodology does just that! SPOT-m leverages our extensive experience applying statistical process control (SPC) to warehouse and production environments toward optimizing the integration of human performance & industrial engineering, shop floor instrumentation & RFID technology, and specialized software. Recent implementation for government customers has contributed to recognition by J.D. Powers Association for end-customer satisfaction. DLH Solutions' 3PL experience applying SPOT-m includes:

  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL)
  • Medical Logistics (MedLog)
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation (PHS&T)
  • Kitting and Asset Staging
  • Hazardous Materials Handling (Hazmat)
  • Labeling & fulfillment
  • Controlled-substance Management
  • Quality Control
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Established in 2011, DLH Cares is the organization's corporate responsibility program which is focused on assisting our nation's homeless veterans in successfully transitioning back into society.  For more information visit our DLH Cares page

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