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Quality Assurance Program

The TeamStaff GS Quality Assurance (QA) Manager resides within the corporate staff and reports directly to the Corporate President. Our established quality management program follows the guidance set through standard policies and procedures. Additionally, Quality Operational Reviews (QOR) are briefed to the Director of Operations, Company President, Chief Executive Officer with measures represented for analysis and scored to ensure superior service.

TeamStaff offers a comprehensive and effective Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) that ensures the highest levels of performance are maintained at all times and throughout all processes and procedures. These quality concepts and operational processes are designed to create an environment of constant focus on meeting and exceeding established standards, customer service excellence, and continuous process improvement. In the event that any specific customer presents unique requirements that aren’t adequately addressed, this plan is easily tailorable and adaptive to unique requirements.

TeamStaff is fully committed to the philosophy that Quality Control (QC) is not simply a stand-alone process that is performed only at designated times but is a comprehensive set of activities that is seamlessly integrated into the job responsibilities of each and every employee, performed each and every day. Our approach to QC is clearly defined by our processes and procedures (i.e., what we are required to do), quantifiably defined performance standards (i.e., how well we are required to do it), oversight (i.e., assessment methods), and corrective actions (i.e., actions required to correct defects and prevent defect recurrence).

A Deficiency Reporting and Corrective Action process is established, executed and maintained to provide a closed-loop deficiency reporting mechanism; analysis procedures for determining deficiency causes and trends; and requirements for documenting the deficiency, analysis, and corrective action.

Our approach to continuous quality improvement begins with leadership. With this in mind, TeamStaff has assigns a Senior Operations Manager (OM) to each contract to ensure oversight of deliverables and expectations are met. The OM has a clearly defined set of established policies and procedures, both corporate and local, to assist in providing an effective Quality Control Program.

Six Sigma Processes: This entails consistent adherence to a defined Six Sigma Process deemed most appropriate for the operational environment and nature of work to be performed. For the CMOP production requirements, TeamStaff has adopted the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve,Control) model described in further detail below. All TeamStaff Managers are certified in Six-Sigma.

TeamStaff corporate policy states that commitment to quality control and quality improvement is not a function relegated solely to a single isolated entity but is the responsibility of every employee. This is reflected in our rigorous definition of clear and comprehensive policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), our investment in staff training and continuing education, our dedicated oversight and supervision of employee job performance, and our continuous evaluation of production performance measured against clearly defined performance standards.

Our Quality Control objectives are to eliminate performance deficiencies through a systematic approach of quality identification, analysis, and control to provide consistent and measurable performance results.

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