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DLH Leadership

Senior Leadership Team

Zachary Parker, CEO

Zachary Parker
CEO, President and Board Director
DLH Corporation

John Armstrong, Executive Vice President

John Armstrong
Executive Vice President
DLH Corporation 

Kathryn M. JohnBull

Kathryn M. JohnBull
Chief Financial Officer 
DLH Corporation

Kevin Wison, President TeamStaff GS

Kevin Wilson
DLH Solutions, Inc.

Denise Ciotti, Business Development

Denise Ciotti
Vice President Business Development
DLH Corporation

Bob Coffman, Compliance Officer

Bob Coffman
Compliance Officer
DLH Corporation

Strategic Advisory Board

Lt. General Henry Tom Glisson

LTG Henry (Tom) Glisson
U.S. Army (Retired)

Major General (retired) Elder Granger

DLH Senior Medical Advisor
Major General Elder Granger

U.S. Army (Retired) 

DLH Cares  DLH Cares

Established in 2011, DLH Cares is the organization's corporate responsibility program which is focused on assisting our nation's homeless veterans in successfully transitioning back into society.  For more information visit our DLH Cares page

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