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Integration: People, Processes & Tools

The key principles of our program management approach begin with a joint understanding of the project requirements, and include attaining and sustaining excellence from all Program Management Office staff members, consistent quality control measures, and the delivery of compliant task order solutions on time and within budget. We tailor our program management methodologies and apply them to individual task orders, depending on their complexity and duration.  Our goal is to manage cost, schedule, and performance by implementing our People, Processes, and Tools to:

  • Understand and define the scope/desired outcome(s),
  • Establish realistic project start and completion dates,
  • Identify any predetermined interim milestones, phases, or other critical dates,
  • Identify task dependencies; tasks that can be performed in parallel and which tasks require the completion of other tasks before they can start,
  • Develop project control or review points,
  • Estimate appropriate staffing levels required to successfully accomplish each task,
  • Defining key deliverables,
  • Develop Risk Management, Quality Control, and Communication Plans,
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