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  • Logistics and Technical Services
    Logistics and Technical Services

Integrated Logistics Support

DLH provides strategies, solutions and procedures for its clients in developing and deploying Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) on revolving around our SPOT-m platform and methodologies. 

DLH program management experience brings cross functionality solutions to ILS challenges. Through experience of the key components of ILS: Maintenance Planning; Supply Support; Support and Test Equipment; Manpower and Personnel; Training; Technical Data; Package Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHST); IT Resource Support; Design Interface and Integration; and Facilities DLH brings execution and results in full Life Cycle Support to unique and challenging environments.

DLH Cares  DLH Cares

Established in 2011, DLH Cares is the organization's corporate responsibility program which is focused on assisting our nation's homeless veterans in successfully transitioning back into society.  For more information visit our DLH Cares page

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