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Leveraging a strong heritage in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and associated facilities management, DLH is well-positioned to expand and diversify its customer base. DLH developed tools such as the electronic, web-based Practitioner Resource Allocation Tool (e-PRAT) that allocates the right resources based on skill and availability, manages task, optimizes the resource utilization and efficiency that results in providing executive reports and graphs to track actual time/cost/billing and variances.  Professional services have included critical care, medical/surgical, emergency room/trauma center, behavioral health, trauma brain injury and allied support including MRI technology, diagnostic tomography, phlebotomy, dosimetry, and physical therapy.

Behavioral Health Assessment

The Challenge

The VA Secretary made a commitment to Veterans to improve access and quality of mental healthcare; raise awareness about mental health and encourage individuals to seek help; focus on suicide prevention; and improve treatments for mental health conditions including PTSD. The Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia (VEO) residents (homeless Veterans) were not given mental evaluations upon admission to VEO residential facility nor prior to job placement.

The Solution

Develop Behavior Health screening and evaluations for use upon Veteran’s admission to VEO and prior to job placement to assist case managers in coordinating care referrals and employment suitability and testing. Formal behavioral health evaluations are:

• More reliable in identifying and addressing client needs
• Client takes the evaluation more seriously in resolving issues
• Can be used for referrals to the VA or other treatment facilities
• Identifies for the case manager if the client is or is not ready for employment
• Create a tool that addresses mental health concerns or behavior issues that the VEO staff may see in dealing with clients.
• Maintain client privacy – for individual medical records

The Results

DLH’s support to the VEO is a continuum of care program with interim results expected to be published in January 2015.

• DLH provides psychiatrists and psychologists with support staff to conduct Behavior Health Evaluations of Veterans residing at the VEO village and non-cognitive skills for job readiness. Assessments include Psychological Evaluations (Diagnosis for emotional and mental disorders, Employment Readiness Assessments, Mental Health Assessment); and Evaluations conducted using as a basis standardized Veterans Administration and DoD medical protocol procedures and protected medical records (HIPAA) guidelines.

• A Behavioral Health Exam screening survey conducted weekly by DLH technicians to identify individuals with Behavior Health issues and concerns for follow-on clinical Behavior Health Treatments by Health Care professionals.

• Outcomes - DLH examining process at the VEO shall include: the relevance of the instrument to the questions being asked; and the ability to measure the effectiveness of services and interventions for individuals with mental illnesses.

Virtual Pharmacy

The Challenge

Healthcare costs and medication use by civilian, military, and veteran populations in the United States have increased dramatically over the recent decade. Mail-order pharmacy operations pioneered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) have proven to increase efficiencies and curtail cost growth over the years. Despite these gains, costs continue to rise. Beyond medication order fulfillment, adherence to medication therapy is a critical aspect of medical treatment. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization estimates the average medication non-adherence rate to be 50% among those with chronic conditions. Some estimate over $300 billion annually is spent on “avoidable” healthcare costs attributed to medication non-adherence. Consequences include further health degradation, increased diseases, contraindications, and death.

Focus on Outcomes

DLH processes over 450,000 mail-order prescriptions daily in support of all 21 VISNs covered by the DVA. Each workday over 316,000 Veterans receive their proper package of prescriptions in the mail as do many dependents of disabled Veterans. Expanding remote communication and consultation with- and between pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners is an essential step toward combating consequences of medical non-adherence. DLH is working to expand its healthcare delivery model to optimize the “Health OUTCOMES” of our customers by leveraging and integrating innovative healthcare technology, with our unique credentials & bandwidth, and proven processes and methods.


Trips to brick and mortar facilities such as drug stores, medical centers, or clinics are not required to obtain expert counsel regarding prescriptions or results. Today there are a myriad of commercially available telehealth devices and products to facilitate not only order fulfillment but also remote monitoring and reporting of adherence and challenges. Navigating through the technology readiness levels along with compliance to Federal contracting requirements pose steep hurdles for achieving reliable results and mitigating risk. DLH is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges for both today and the future with proven expertise to include:

• Remote, centralized medication consultation
• HIPAA and FISMA compliant web-based application
• Pharmacists/practitioners in each time-zone
• Joint Commission Certification
• Security and InfoSec considerations
• Medication therapy management
• Remote verification / order entry
• Monitored and regulated dispensing
• Adherence & compliance solutions

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As a responsible corporate citizen, DLH actively contributes to advancing the quality of life in the communities where we live and work through our giving program. For more information, visit our DLH Cares page.  

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