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Ensuring a Continuum of Care: e-PRAT

"Readiness" cannot be compromised when mission success and the health posture of our servicemen and veterans are at stake. Whether we are providing combat trauma care for wounded soldiers and sailors; diagnosis and treatment at military treatment facilities; or quality pharmacy expertise at government distribution centers; providing top-quality and certified practitioners to the right site and the right time (or shift) has been essential for DLH to ensure that expert and timely service is provided to our warriors and veterans.

Our e-PRAT (Practitioner Resource Allocation Tool) methodology has been deployed for nearly a decade to support both steady-state and contingency response demands in the marketplace. Our proprietary software tool provides a web-based, open-architecture, secure system to manage the expert-delivery or proper resources in the field leveraging our staffing heritage and employing a keen understanding of the "continuum of care" requirements for our combatants, veterans, and retirees. Database components includes credentialing, licenses, and certifications statusing of employed and pending practitioners.

The windows-based system meets HIPAA, CCAC, CARF, FISMA, NIST special Pub 800-37 requirements and contains a tailorable report-generator module. The security features allows for direct customer interface and statusing through web-enablement. With DLH Solutions' experience operating in trauma environments, managing Joint Theater Trauma Registry (JTTR) and Combat Trauma Registry (CTR) database systems, and MTFs and retirement facilities we offer a unique combination of expertise and tools like e-PRAT to ensure expert care and enhanced "Readiness" of those who lay it on the line for all of us!!)

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