Atlanta, Georgia – May 1, 2014 – Along with companies such as Home Deport, Bank of America, and Coke, DLH is a proud sponsor of the Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia. The VEO provides homeless Veterans transitional housing and access to services thus returning the dignity of self-sufficiency to every veteran served. VEO is a nationally recognized leader in the fight against homelessness with goals to help end chronic homeless in Georgia, and continues to be one of the most successful organizations in the country serving homeless veterans. Recently, DLH participated in VEO’s Transitional Housing Campus Re-Grand Opening event. On December 1, 2013, a fire destroyed a 9 unit, 17 bed transitional housing building on the VEO Campus causing 17 housed veterans to be displaced within other units on the campus. After several months of restoration with amazing out-pour of support from sponsors and local community, VEO reopened the refurnished apartments in the Transitional Housing and immediately moved veterans into the new apartments. DLH and VEO joined together over two years ago. DLH remains excited to be part of this team – DLH not only has provided sponsorship contributions but DLH employees labor to assist whenever and wherever asked. DLH’s EVP, Colonel (Ret) John Armstrong is a member of VEO’s governing board. Since 2008, VEO has served more than two thousand homeless veterans – with life support at no cost to the residents – many successful graduates complete the VEO programs and moved on to be productive members of the Metro-Atlanta community and become self-sufficient. Learn more about VEO at