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Few have given more to our Nation than the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces in peace and in war. DLH strives to fulfill its promise to serve veterans by living a set of core values which defines who we are as an organization: Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence. Veterans trust that we will live these values, every day, in our work at medical facilities, CMOPs, and military installations.  

Each year DLH hosts a 2-month long “National Window of Service (NWS)” where employees across the Nation are encouraged to give, volunteer, and serve in a variety of ways toward solving the plight of our homeless veterans in the communities in which we work. Each year, from 9/11 to 11/11 (Patriot Day to Veterans Day), we offer this “Call To Duty” to all of our work sites and remote employees to get involved in a local initiative to help heal, house, or hire our veterans.  

2016 National Window of Service

Click on any of the stars in the following map to read more about the amazing work our volunteers did during our 2016 service events.

2015 National Window of Service

In 2015, we made an impact totaling nearly $100,000, including donated items, sponsored events, and volunteer hours. Check out a recap of our 2015 Window of Service events.

Download the 2015 National Window of Service commemorative booklet here.

Graphic showing impact of DLH volunteer efforts during 2015 National Window of Service

2014 National Window of Service 

DLH employees, family, and friends volunteered and served in a variety of volunteer events and donation drives. DLH is proud to say that our staff gave more than 800 volunteer hours in service to veterans. We have compiled a collection of photographs and highlights of the window of service events.  

Download the 2014 National Window of Service commemorative booklet here

2014 NWS Impact

Atlanta VEO Event

On Saturday November 1, 2014 the Atlanta office as a part of the NWS initiative, organized a Heroes Hot Dog Festival for the residents of Atlanta's Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO).  The Heroes Hot Dog Festival was an afternoon of food, carnival games, music, and raffle prizes.  It was a huge success and will be an annual event to support our Nation's Veterans.  

The VEO provides housing, treatment and recovery for addiction, healthy meals, and basic necessities, for homeless veterans as well as medical care, mental health counseling and life-skills training. 

DLH Cares  DLH Cares

As a responsible corporate citizen, DLH actively contributes to advancing the quality of life in the communities where we live and work through our giving program. For more information, visit our DLH Cares page.  

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