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DLH is a provider of health technology-enabled business process outsourcing and program management solutions supporting large-scale federal health and human services initiatives. DLH provides professional healthcare and public services to government agencies including the U.S. Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, and Veteran Affairs.

Publicly traded with more than 1,400 employees working in 30 states, DLH is recognized by GovWin IQ as a top service provider in the Health Services Spending category. Currently, DLH offers services and products within three key areas of the health services space: Defense and Veterans Health Solutions, Human Services and Solutions, and Public Health and Life Sciences.

DLH's mission is to become the most trusted provider of technology-enabled healthcare and public health services, medical logistics, and readiness enhancement services to those securing the freedom of our nation, veterans, and underserved communities. Given the aggressiveness of our company goals, it will take a collective effort to achieve these objectives. Therefore, we are committed to working together as a team to accelerate business growth, improve profitability, and better support our workforce, customers, and shareholders. In all, we are excited about the future of DLH and look forward to taking advantage of our high-performance company.

DLH Cares  DLH Cares

Established in 2011, DLH Cares is the organization's corporate responsibility program which is focused on assisting our nation's homeless veterans in successfully transitioning back into society.  For more information visit our DLH Cares page

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